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Calendar of Events and Celebrations at Isola del Giglio

S. Lorenzo, 10th August, Giglio Porto
Giglio Porto: Celebration of the Saint of Porto. Three neighbourhoods compete in the Palio Marinaro and at night, after a concert, the whole town is illuminated by spectacular fire-works.

S. Rocco, 16th August, Giglio Campese
Campese celebrats San Rocco with festivities that begin with a procession in the sea and end with a firework.

S. Mamiliano, 15th September, Giglio Castello
Dedicated to the castello's potron saints Saint Mamiliano, the old town castella celebrates with sacred rites, a palio with donkies, propitiatory dances (Quadrille), concert and fire-works.

Commemoration, 18th November, Giglio Castello
Procession in commemoration of the Saint Mamiliano and the legendary victory over the pirates.

Preseppe, 25th December, Giglio Campese
Guided tours visit the underwater crib displayed on the floor of the bay at Campese.