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Trecking on Isola del Giglio

Hiking Paths on Giglio Discovering the secrets of the island with some characteristic walks. While the Isola del Giglio is known for its sun, sea and sand, it also offers plenty f opportunities for keen hikers. You will find a number of interesting walks to try as an alternative to lolling around on the seaside.

Giglio's hills and mountains with their wild and untouched beauty are ideal destinations for hiking.
Allthough this aspect of the island's appeal is relatively underdeveloped, the unspoiled nature with it's thick shrubs of Mediterranean macchia, breathtaking views on the Tuscan Archipelago and impressively sculpted granite outcrops that do the landscape make for superb backdrops of some spectacular walks. Especially in springtime, when the island explodes in colours, Isola del Giglio becomes a picture of incredible beauty.

You will need good shoes and do not forget plenty of water!

Tourist and Environmental Guide:
Aldi Marina, Giglio Porto, T: +39 0564 806096

Hiking Paths Giglio

1) Castello - Capel Rosso

Castello- Le Porte - Mortelleto - Capel Rosso (6 km, ca. 3 hours)

Sicht auf's Castello Giglio Castello  

2) Castello - Sasso Ritto

Castello - Le Porte - Castellucci - Sasso Ritto (4,5 km, ca. 2 hours)

Bergkette Isola del Giglio Sasso Ritto  

3) Le Porte - Cala Torriccella

Le Porte - Cala Toricella / Cala degli Alberi (4 km, ca. 1 1/2 hours)

Aussicht auf die Bucht Torricella Torricella Bai  

4) Le Porte - Cala delle Cannelle

Le Porte - Cala delle Cannelle (2 km, ca. 30 minutes)

Aussicht auf die Bucht von Cannelle Cannelle Bai  

5) Porto - Caldane

Porto - Cannelle - Capo Marino - Caldane (2 km, 30 minutes by car)

6) Porto - Castello

Porto - Monticello - Castello (2 km, ca. 1 hour)

Path to Castello  

7) Castello - Campese

Castello - Campese (2 km, ca. 1 hour)

Bucht von Campese, Insel Giglio Campese Cai  

8) Vaccarecce - Punta del Fenaio

Vaccarecce - Scopeto - Punta del Fenaio (2 km, 40 minutes)

9) Campese - Allume

Campese - Allume (1,5 km, 30 minutes)

Bucht der Allume, Giglio Allume Bai  

10) Castello - Campese

Castello - Dolce - Campese (4 km, ca. 2 hours)

11) Castello - Capel Rosso

Castello - Capel Rosso (6 km, 30 minutes)

Straße zum Capel Rosso Street to the Capel Rosso

12) Capel Rosso - Cala degli Alberi

Capel Rosso - Poggio Falcone - Cala degli Alberi (2 km, 40 minutes)

13) Castellucci - Bredici

Castellucci - Bredici (2 km, ca. 20 minutes)

14) Campese - Faraglione

Campese - Cala del Gesso - Faraglione (2 km, ca. 30 minutes)

Picknickplatz am Faraglione Pick-nick at the Faraglione