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Accommodation Agencies - Isola del Giglio
Villa Delfi Campese Villa Delfi, Giglio Campese
The magnificent Villa Delfi is situated only a few metres from the beach in a panoramic position overlooking the Campese bay. The contemporary styled 4 flats are equipped with modern amenities as air conditioning and dish washer ensuring you a comfortable and relaxing holiday.
Esmeralda Immobiliare, Mobile: +39 334 2602664
Email: info@villadelfi.com | Web: www.villadelfi.com
Agenzia Aegilium Agency Aegilium
With more than 30 years of expeience the agency Aegilum offers holiday rentals in various locations on Isola del Giglio, wether you are looking for a simple furnished holiday flat or a fully furnished villa.
Agenzia Immobiliare Aegilium, Phone: +39 0564 806072
E-mail: caterina@aegilium.it | Web: www.aegilium.it
Agenzia Aegilium T: +39-0564-806072 www.aegilium.it
Agenzia Immobiliare Casa Blu T: +39-0564-806292
Esmeralda Immobiliare Villa Delfi M: +39 334 2602664 www.villadelfi.com
Agenzia Giglio Multiservizi T: +39-0564-809056 www.gigliomultiservizi.com
Agenzia Ammiraglio T: +39-0564-804164 www.ammiraglio.com
Agenzia Immobiliare Baffigi T: +39-0564-804140 www.isolagiglio.com
La Rocca Wohnungen Castello T: +39-0564-806182 www.gigliocastello.it
Marina del Giglio T: +39-0564-804141
Giglio Vacanze Mezzetti T: +39-0564-804127 www.gigliovacanze.it
Agenzia Immobiliare Brandaglia T: +39-0564-809245
Residences - Isola del Giglio
Residence Clary T: +39-0564-804013 www.legigliole.it
Residence Marina T: +39-0564-804141
Room Lettings - Isola del Giglio
Arienti Giacomo T: +39-0564-809343
Airone, Castello T: +39-0564-806076 www.camerealgiglio.vze.com
Dublo, Campese T: +39-0564-804025
Landini Angelo, Castello T: +39-0564-806074
Landini Primo, Campese T: +39-0564-804135