Video and Photogallery of Giglio

A short video presentation of the Isola del Giglio:

Costa Concordia

A year after the Costa Concordia tragedy in which 32 lost their lives, the giant curis ship still sits where it ran aground after hitting a rock.

Isola del Giglio Costa Concordia Costa Concordia  

Giglio Island in 20 pictures

20 photos of Giglio for a quick overview: Giglio's beaches and landscape, it's villages Porto, Castello and Campese and it's sea.

Isola del Giglio Isola del Giglio album 

Beaches and Coast of Giglio

There are 4 main beaches on the Isola del Giglio: Giglio Campese, the biggest, Cannelle and Arenella, and the small beach of Caldane, which can only be reached on foot.

Bucht von Arenella, Isola del Giglio Giglio Coast album 

Underwater World

The crystal clear waters of the Isola del Giglio and its rich underwater world make it one of the top scuba diving spots in Italy.

Diving at Giglio Diving on Giglio album 


90% of the Isola del Giglio lies uninhabited. Take one of the numerous hiking paths to explore the nature, flora and fauna of the island, or just to enjoy the breathtaking views over cliffs, coves and the rest of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Landscape of the Isola del Giglio Giglio Landscape album


Giglio Porto

Getting off the ferry you will find yourself in the hubbub of the small, picturesque harbour of Giglio, the Giglio Porto. When evening falls you can stroll around along the seafront in a very romantic atmosphere.

Isola del Giglio Porto Giglio Porto album 

Giglio Castello

After numerous assaults of pirates, the Medici family built the fortification you can still see today. Wander around the narrow alleys of the medieval castle Castello where nothing seems to have been changed by time.

Isola del Giglio Castello Giglio Castello album 

Giglio Campese

The beautiful Baia di Campese with it's mediavel tower is the largest beach of the Isola del Giglio. It's western orientation offers superb sunsets...

Isola del Giglio Campese Giglio Campese album 

Special: Round trip of the island by boat

Pictures of a round trip by boat, which is an experience you should not miss.

Round trip of Giglio by boat Giglio Round Trip album